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A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

On- line petition

In July, the Parish Council started a Petition for improvements to Mill Lane Road to prevent closure due to flooding. To date, over 850 people have signed the petition.

The Petition is available for signature at the Post Office, The Anchor, Little Paxton.

In order to promote the petition further, the Council has contacted Village Hall User Groups and Councillors will be visiting these groups over the next 4 weeks.

The petition will be available for signature at the Parish Council stall in St. Neots Market on Thursday 16th October 10am - 3pm

Many residents have asked the Council to consider setting up an on line petition.

The Council has taken this on board and online petition has been set up. The link is as follows:


Residents may sign the paper petition or sign the on line petition but not both.

More information about On- line petition


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Street Lights near Little Paxton Village Hall

The 4 street lights whic lead up to the village hall and playing field area are not working due to a fault with an electric cable which feeds all four lights.

The fault has been reported to UK Power on 27th August and they have 20 working days to fix the fault.


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Remembering World War 1

On the 4th August, the 100th anniversary of the start of World War 1, Little Paxton Parish Council will be unveiling a plaque to commemorate all those who gave their lives serving their Country.

The bronze plaque will be situated on a green area in Samuel Jones Crescent, Little Paxton.

The names of Little Paxton residents who died in World War 1 and those who returned from serving in the War will be read out. These names are remembered on the War Memorial in St James Church.

Parish Clerk Jenny Gellatly said' The plaque will be unveiled at 11am and all residents are invited to attend'


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Summer Activities in Little Paxton

Little Paxton Parish Council has arranged for fun activities for children during the School Summer Holidays.

On Thursday evenings from 24th July to 28th August, the Connections Youth Bus will be visiting the village from 7pm - 9pm. The Bus will be parked in the Village Hall Car Park and is free.

The Bus has game consoles, internet access, advice, Karoke, tuck shop, crafts, music and lots more and will be manned by two youth workers. Children going into Year 7 and above are welcome on the bus.

Parish Clerk Jenny Gellatly said' This is the 7th year the Connections Bus has been visiting Little Paxton during the school summer holidays and each year it gets more and more popular'.

The Connections Bus is supported by Little Paxton Parish Council.

Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) Lifestyles team will be running activity road shows on 30th July & 22nd August on the Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field from 1.30pm - 4pm. The sessions are free and are aimed at children 5- 11years old.

The activities will be managed by qualified staff. To book a place for your child on the Road shows, please contact One Leisure St.Neots.


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Paxfest Celebration Cake Competiton

Paxfest is only a week away and final preparations are under way.

The deadline for registrations for the Celebration Cake Competition has been extended to 11th July.

The 1st prize is magnificent shield which will have the winners name engraved on it plus there will be other prizes.

Competition entry forms are available from the community website www.little-paxton.org.uk, The Anchor, Little Paxton, contacting Jenny Gellatly littlepaxton@hotmail.com or by sending a Facebook message.

Who will be the first person to have their name engraved on the Shield?


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Signatures Required

Little Paxton Parish Council has agreed to start a petition for improvements to the Mill Lane Road, Little Paxton to prevent road closures due to flooding.

The Council has become increasingly aware that residents of Little Paxton are frustrated when the Mill Lane Road is closed due to flooding, fed up with access roads into St.Neots becoming gridlocked and worry that they may miss trains as the short journey to the Railway Station becomes a very long, slow journey.

Cllr David Rennie said, 'The more people that sign the petition, the stronger our voice will be for improvements to the road'.

Parish Clerk Jenny Gellatly said, 'Residents of Little Paxton, non residents & local businesses can all sign the petition'.

The petition will be available for signature on Saturday 5th July, Little Paxton Village Hall 9.30am - 4pm, Saturday 12th July at Paxfest and Thursday 17th July at St.Neots Market.


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Celebration Cakes for Paxfest

Little Paxton's village fete 'Paxfest' will take place on Saturday 12th July in the Village Hall and on the Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field.

The Paxfest organisers are always looking to add to the excitement of the annual event.

This year there will be a Celebration Cake Competition, which will have three categories- adults, junior and children.

The competition for adults is to decorate a cake not larger than 9 inches (23cm) round or an 8 inch (20cm) square. The cake can be 'tall' but it can only be one

For the Junior and Children competition, the competition is to decorate six cup cakes.

Cllr Stan Codling said,' The cake and decorations must be completely edible except for items such as cake toppers, wires, stamens and ribbons. We are hoping lots of people will get baking and take part in the Celebration Cake Competition.'

All cakes will be displayed in the village hall on 12th July.

Entry forms & competition rules are available from The Anchor Little Paxton, Costcutter Little Paxton, the community website www.little-paxton.org.uk or by contacting the Clerk Mrs Jenny Gellatly Tel 01480 470193. All entry forms to be submitted by 4th July.


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Little Paxton Village Hall AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the Village Hall Management Committee will take place on Wednesday 11th June at 7.30pm in the village hall.

All residents of the village of Little Paxton and users of the hall are invited to attend and to complete a nomination form to become a member of the Village Hall Management Committee.

Any questions , resolutions or recommendations should be sent to the Chair of the Village Hall Mr. Trevor Herbert, Holly Cottage , Bydand Lane , Little Paxton by 5pm Wed 4th June.


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Keep Little Paxton Tidy

Little Paxton Parish Council is organising a village litter pick on Saturday 7th June from 2pm to 4pm starting at the Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field, Little Paxton.

Cllr David Rennie said, 'This a great way to help keep Little Paxton clean & tidy and free from litter'.

The Council is looking for volunteers to come along and help make a difference to the village. Volunteers will be allocated streets and areas of the village to litter pick.

All volunteers will be provided with high viz jackets, black bags, litter pickers and gloves. The Council would like to encourage as many volunteers as possible.


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Gordon Road, Little Paxton

Work has started by Cambridgeshire County Council Highways to resurface the entire length of Gordon Road in Little Paxton. The resurfacing is expected to be completed by the time the schools return after the Easter break.



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