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A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Litter Heroes Assemble

Little Paxton Parish Council is backing the Keep Britain Tidy campaign to get as many people out and about cleaning up their local communities in March 2018.

As part of its support for the country's biggest-ever community clear up Little Paxton Parish Council is seeking volunteers to take part in an organised litter-pick on the 3rd March from 2pm - 4pm starting and finishing on the QEII Playing Field, Little Paxton.

Councillor Kathy Bishop said: 'This is a great national event and the Parish Council is delighted to be taking part. As a village community, litter heroes can work together to clear Little Paxton from litter, spring cleaning the village.'

Parish Clerk Jenny Gellatly said 'We are looking for lots of litter heroes to come along and help keep Little Paxton free from litter. Litter picks, gloves, high viz jackets and black bags will be provided.' All equipment will be provided on the day.

All equipment will be provided on the day.


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

New Allotment Raised Beds

Little Paxton Parish Council has created a further 10 new raised beds made out of new railway sleepers at the Parish Allotment site. The raised beds measure length 2.4m x 1.2m depth and height 0.4m and are easy to maintain and have been filled with compost.

Cllr Jean Matheson said' The Council has carried out many improvements to the allotment site and creating additional raised beds is maximising the land available for allotment gardening. The new beds are an ideal size for someone starting allotment gardening. They are perfect for growing flowers and vegetables'.

Parish Clerk Jenny Gellatly said 'The Council now has 20 raised beds and there are also half plots and starter plots available. The growing season is now starting and this is a good opportunity start planting. Free donkey manure is delivered to the allotment site on a regular basis and the site has several water taps.

The rent for a raised bed is £5 per year. The rent for a half plot is £16.50 (pro rata) and a starter plot is £5.50 (pro rata). The Parish Allotments can be accessed from the Footpath No. 5 leading from Gordon Road/High Street.

Anyone wishing to an allotment, please contact the Allotment Representative Cllr Jean Matheson Tel 01480 476298 or the Parish Clerk Mrs Jenny Gellatly Tel 01480 470193 email: littlepaxton@hotmail.com


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Message from Local Community Police Team

We continue to receive reports across the district of burglaries, sadly this time of the year we have historically seen the numbers of offences increase in the run up to Christmas, with around 200 offences force wide in the month of December 2017.

Our burglary team are investigating all reported offences, and both highly-visible and plain-clothed patrols are taking place across our area. In some offences, we are seeing a small hole made in glass doors in order to reach and unlock the door from inside. Burglars will usually gain access to properties to the rear.

Help protect your home from being a targeted by:-
1. Removing keys from the inside of the door (note that not doing so could invalidate your insurance, or reduce the value of a claim paid out). Lock all doors and windows, even if you only intend to be away from home for a short time
2. Ensure all security lighting is operational during the hours of darkness
3. If you have a burglary alarm, make sure that it is set
4. Watch out for items around your property being moved around the exterior of your property - this is sometimes done by burglars to help to try and identify properties where the residents are away from home.
5. Collect wheelie bins in as soon after collection time as possible. To see your collections times over the festive period, visit http://ow.ly/P4Xy30hks8M


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Thursday petanque sessions

As the weather has turned cold and wintry, there will be a break in the Thursday afternoon petanque sessions until the spring.

Look out for the posters around the village and FB posts with the spring start date.


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Public Safety Notice

Please take care when walking on the paved footpath area outside the village hall as there are uneven surfaces and cracked paving slabs.


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Winter Gritting

As the weather is starting to turn colder and there has been a few frosty mornings, the Parish Council gritting programme is to grit

Entrance from the QEII PLaying Field, High Street to the Doctors Surgery
The rookery Steps and ramp
Footpath through St. James' Churchyard

Gritting will only take place on the days the Council's groundsman works i.e. Monday- Friday
(mornings). There will be no gritting carried out at weekends.


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Village Views

The quarterly magazine Village Views is being distributed in the village this week. There is an article advising The Hub at Samuel Jones Crescent is due to open on 21st October. The opening has been delayed. Will add the new date as a news item when known.


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Have a Field Day

'Have a Field day' is a Little Paxton Parish Council community event to showcase the sport activities available on the QEII Playing Field, Little Paxton.

The event is free and will take place on Saturday 16th September 2pm - 4pm.

Cllr Kathy Bishop said,' This is a great opportunity to come along and try the new Petanque pitch, netball on the multi use games area, football , walking football, cricket, the outdoor gym equipment and DM Fitness boot camp.

Little Paxton Football Club and Little Paxton Cricket Club will be running the football and cricket activities.

Parish Clerk Jenny Gellatly said 'The community Petanque pitch and netball are new additions to the QEII Playing Field. An added extra to the afternoon is Little Paxton Indoor Bowling Club will have the indoor bowls set up in the village hall for residents to try bowling. The Council will also be planting two oak trees on the playing field'.

Refreshments will be available in the village hall. Parking is very limited in the village hall car park and Little Paxton residents are encouraged to leave their cars at home and walk to the playing field.


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Volunteers wanted- Can you hep?

The Council has received a request from residents for an improved crossing on Mill Lane near Marble White Court. This is near the lock end of Mill Lane and some distance from the zebra crossing at the roundabout at Gordon Road.

Due to the large volume of traffic using Mill Lane it is very difficult to cross the road safely, especially if residents are elderly, infirm or families with prams and buggies.

In order to support a funding application to the Cambridgeshire County Council Local Highway Improvement Scheme 2018, the Parish Council is looking for volunteers to help with a traffic count on Monday 11th, Wednesday 13th & Friday 15th September from 8 am - 11.30 am and 2pm - 5.30 pm. It is hoped to have a Rota with one hour slots with two volunteers per slot -one on each side of the road. The traffic survey will be carried out on Mill Lane near Marble White Court.

All volunteers will be provided with high viz jackets and will covered by the Councils insurance.

If you can spare an hour, please contact the Clerk Tel 01480 470193 e-mail littlepaxton@ hotmail.com. or send fb message.

Letters of Support from residents will also help add more weight to the funding application. If you support this project, please send a letter or e-mail to the Clerk ( littlepaxton@ hotmail.com).

The deadline for the Parish Council to submit its funding application is 30th September.


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Save Little Paxton Village Hall from Closure

Village Hall faces closure unless new committee can be appointed.

Little Paxton Village Hall which is used by over 14 village groups will close at the end of the August unless residents come forward and join a new Management Committee.

The three remaining members of the Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC) have stood down at the July AGM however there will be a two month hand over period to a new committee.

Earlier in the year the VHMC tried to attract new members which was unsuccessful.

The VHMC has contacted Little Paxton Parish Council for help to attract new members for a new Committee.

The hall will only remain open if residents come along to a public meeting on Saturday 5th August 10.30am-11.30am in the village hall and join the new Management Committee.

Mr. Trevor Herbert outgoing Village Hall Chairman said 'Little Paxton Village Hall is where many village groups and organisations meet on a weekly basis. To close the hall would have such a major impact on the local community'.

The Village Hall Management Committee meets once a month and meetings last approx 1.5 hours. A new committee requires 12 people including a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer as well as ordinary committee members.
The village hall accounts has been outsourced to a local accountancy firm.

Parish Clerk Jenny Gellatly said' Little Paxton needs its village hall. It is an asset to the residents of Little Paxton and provides a meeting place to a large number of village groups spanning all age groups. If the hall were to close this would also affect annual events such as Paxfest, Christmas Bazaar, Presentation evenings, Quiz nights etc.

Cllr Jean Matheson, Parish Council Chairman said' The residents of Little Paxton need a village hall and the village hall needs Little Paxton residents to ensure the hall is to remain open.'



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