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A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Message from Local Community Police Team

We continue to receive reports across the district of burglaries, sadly this time of the year we have historically seen the numbers of offences increase in the run up to Christmas, with around 200 offences force wide in the month of December 2017.

Our burglary team are investigating all reported offences, and both highly-visible and plain-clothed patrols are taking place across our area. In some offences, we are seeing a small hole made in glass doors in order to reach and unlock the door from inside. Burglars will usually gain access to properties to the rear.

Help protect your home from being a targeted by:-
1. Removing keys from the inside of the door (note that not doing so could invalidate your insurance, or reduce the value of a claim paid out). Lock all doors and windows, even if you only intend to be away from home for a short time
2. Ensure all security lighting is operational during the hours of darkness
3. If you have a burglary alarm, make sure that it is set
4. Watch out for items around your property being moved around the exterior of your property - this is sometimes done by burglars to help to try and identify properties where the residents are away from home.
5. Collect wheelie bins in as soon after collection time as possible. To see your collections times over the festive period, visit http://ow.ly/P4Xy30hks8M